Le carnet de l’inter-prêt

A collaboration between Claire Roudenko-Bertin and Marie Stockmarr Becker.

MSB and CRB first met in Rome in January 2020. Their first performance – in collaboration with composer Fabio Monni and painter John Sundqvist – took place in Circolo Scandinavo in Rome in the shape of the public performance “Dispositif romain abasourdi par la poésie, alto clignotant avec la mythologie, tables de mondes, tableau dans le tableau” exploring sounds, words, drawing, sculpture and the instrument. This experience laid the foundation of an experimental collaboration. Its initiation correlated with the rise of the current sanitary crisis which still seems to drag on in eternity.

The original plan was to work together in the forest around the lake Dalkarlsjön in Sweden. Paralyzed by the pandemic, this exploration instead transformed into an exchange and interchange of materials – images, sounds, creative interactions. These materials are gathered in a “notebook” from which excerpts will be presented in Lesjöfors Samtida.

This collaboration, natural in its resonance of intrinsic research, also gives rise to other correlated events, e.g.with the group LMDK (L’autre Moitié Du Paysage) the research group of l’École Nationale Supérieure d’Arts de Paris-Cergy founded by CRB in 2007. A current artistic expedition, La Caravane Sonore, consist in the creation of a sound caravan which in the speed of sound (4076 km in 3h32 min) will travel from Lesjöfors Museum in Sweden, through the Contemporary Art Forest (la Forêt d’Art Contemporain)in Garein, France to finally reach the center of experimental art L’Moutalâte in Marrakech, Morocco.

Le Carnet de l’inter-prêt – texte par Claire Roudenko-Bertin