The Instrumental Renaissance and the Madrigal

In October 2017, I had an artist residency in the monastery San Cataldo (Italy) researching into instrumental music based on madrigals. My aim was to get a better understanding of the development and the use of diminutions in instrumental versions of madrigals, as well as the relation between the ornamentation and the text.

The project was partly developed in collaboration with harpsichordist Gunnhild Tønde and completed with support from San Cataldo, Oticon Fonden, Frederiksberg Fonden, Solistforeningen af 1921 and Toyota Fonden.

Duo Marie Stockmarr Becker//Gunnhild Tønder

Marie Stockmarr Becker and Gunnhild Tønder met in Copenhagen in 2013. They have been playing both as duo and in other constellations, with concerts in Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Italy.

Combining the viola and harpsichord is in many ways uncommon. The crisp, brilliant sound of the harpsichord and the dark notes of the viola, create an interesting, unusual sound universe offering unique challenges and possibilities. With this special combination and sound as a starting point, the duo break out of the traditional frames of historical performance practice. They also consciously reframe tradition by referencing the late renaissance and early baroque – a period with more freedom in compositional architecture, and more room for improvisation. Here they find the possibility to create music that is deeply rooted in history, but at the same time is free, personal and emanating from the present.